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Adachi Ginkō - Itô Sôda and Vampire Cat
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Adachi Ginkō - Itô Sôda and Vampire Cat

$ 550.00

Adachi Ginkō

Itô Sôda and Vampire Cat

From the Japanese tale of "The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima"  The story is about a large cat that not only consumes humans, but then supernaturally changes its form to become that human, after which it interacts and easily deceives everyone it encounters. The tale dates to the Sengoku Era (1568 - 1615)

A soldier. A lady, O Toyo, loved by the prince of Hizen, was killed by a huge cat which then took the form of O Toyo. She cast spells on the prince who became ill and, when retainers were set to keep watch at night, she sent them to sleep and carried on with her evil work. Ito Soda kept awake by sticking his knife into his thigh and saw what was happening. When he tried to kill her, O Toyo turned back into a cat and escaped. 

Scene of Itô Sôda stabbing himself in the leg to stay awake while on watch guarding the prince from the vampire cat.

Series: Kodan isseki yomikiri tsuika

Published by Gusokuya Kahei

Date: 1874

14 1/8 x 9 3/8"

Excellent color, light backing, slight trim 

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