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New Paul Binnie Prints, July 2015

Posted on July 05 2015

Hiroshige's Edo 625.00$ plus shipping

Two versions of a new female nude design, including the last in the series 'Edozumi Hyaku Shoku' (A Hundred Shades of Ink of Edo) a long running series dating back to 2004. 'Hiroshige no Edo' (Hiroshige's Edo) combines several designs from that artist's series 'Edo Meishō Hyakei', or Hundred Famous Views of the Edo, all of 1857. In the tattoo, the golden eagle derives from 'Fukugawa Susaki Júmantsubo', the bridge from 'Õhashi Atake no Yūdachi', and the cloth bears the design of 'Kameido Umeyashiki'. The seal in the form of a carp banner comes from 'Koinobori, Suidobashi Surugadai' while the cartouche is from an undated tanzaku print of snow on Nihonbashi. As ever in this series, the background is printed with baren sujizuri, here with an admixture of the red-pink of the cloth, and printed to suggest heavy rain like the Ohashi print.
The alternate non-tattoo version of this design is part of the series 'Azuma Nishiki Bijin Awase' (A Collection of Eastern Brocade Beauties) and is printed against a shaded lilac and mauve-pink ground. The title is 'Adesugata', which might be translated as Alluring Figure, and her sheer cloth is the green of Japanese tea, embellished with flower buds in sliver metallic pigment and 23c gold leaf. In addition, there is an extra black lacquer-printed block in the hair, the signature is in bronze metallic pigment, and there is blind embossing in the signature in the lower margin.

Adesugata 900$ plus shipping

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