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Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock Print Restoration *Finished*

Posted on March 13 2014

These are the "before" pictures of two Hiroshi Yoshida "Caravan from Afghanistan" prints, day and night, that are being sent out for restoration.  When restoration is complete, I will add the "after" pictures, in about a month.  These two prints are, or will be, in fine condition aside from light toning and heavy foxing.  They seem much worse than they really are.  

They are excellent candidates for restoration; all colors and are intact.  The one of the first colors to fade from UV is light yellow.  It is ideal to have perfect image of the print to use as a comparison, I have provided that as the first image.  This is an image of a "Caravan from Afghanistan" that I sold in 2013.  Also, these two prints were never mounted so it's safe to assume they spent their life in a folder in a dark environment where no fade was possible.

The worst case for restoration, that I have experienced, was a print that had heavy fading that was hid by heavy toning.  The print ended up looking only slightly better and the value of the print was not increased.  No professional restoration is guaranteed to end up perfect, in depends on how damaged (faded) the print is, do research before contacting a Japanese print restorer.  Also, I have found that prices for restoration can vary greatly.

Excellent Example of Print

Before "Day" Front

After "Day" Front

Before "Day" Back

After "Day" Back

Before "Night" Front

After "Night" Front

Before "Night" Back"

After "Night" Back

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